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Global opera star: Erwin Schrott

Purchased by the singer’s head of sound, Martin Laumann, the system comprises a GLD-112 at FOH and the new Chrome GLD-80 on monitors, connected via Dante, with an additional AR2412 and two AR0804 remote IO racks. There is also the option of live recording using Protools via the Dante network.
The singer’s latest tour, entitled Erwin Schrott & Friends, explores all areas of Latin music, with dates all over the world.
“I use GLD on every show. The system has very good sound quality, and together with the fast and easy work flow, is my mixer of choice. Another advantage for me is the fact that the mixer is lightweight and easy to carry. Mostly, I have to do the whole FOH setup by myself, and GLD is easy to handle for one person,” comments Martin Laumann. “All of GLD’s Reverb FX are excellent and very natural sounding, and since the launch of v1.5 firmware, I have started using the new dynamic EQs, which are impressive.”

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